Spa Services

At the Female Recovery Spa and Relax Village for drug and alcohol addiction treatment, we have a variety of services available. Recovery is one of the most challenging processes any person who is addicted can go through, especially for women.

This is because women suffer a unique set of needs when it comes to recovery. Women usually have lots of other problems along with addiction from anywhere from childcare issues to lack of support, to just not knowing the company of other women.

Women can have a lot on their plate and addiction can isolate them further from family, friends, and community. This is why our spa services are so important to treatment. Addiction really can ruin a woman’s body, and they will not feel close to it anymore.

Pampering and caring properly for a woman’s body means they may be able to start feeling at peace with themselves once more instead of alienated.

Typically when people think of drug and alcohol addiction treatment, they think of stark white hallways with fluorescent lights, cold and impersonal like a hospital. That is definitely not the vibe we are going for here. We want our patients to feel safe and comfortable and in an at home or the luxury environment. We find that it is best for their mental state.

The idea of spending a month or more in a place that doesn’t feel comfortable and welcoming is not one many women enjoy. We want treatment to feel desirable to those who need it, not scare them off.

Our spa services do more than just make a woman feel pampered. Sometimes women need a distraction from all the problems they face and the struggles they experience. That is why the calm and relaxing environment of the spa services can really help them settle down. It gives you the chance to do more than just use drugs and alcohol.

We also have a gym that is entirely up to date and full of the equipment you need to start your exercise regimen. It helps you rebuild your strength and release those endorphins. Exercising can be an excellent replacement for drug and alcohol use along with being a wonderful and healthy way to spend your time. After recovery is over, you will have hopefully started exercising regularly, and it will be a great distraction from any triggering situations.

What To Expect

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment are obviously at the forefront of our goals and experiences for women. Overall though, we want to make that treatment comfortable and satisfying. We have a lovely and stylish facility meant to welcome you.

There is a full fitness center as described above to help you reconnect with your body and make it healthy again. We have spa services and a salon because it can be essential to look your best, especially if you have forgotten what that is actually like.

Our facility is here to help you experience rehab in the best way possible feeling at home and cared for.

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