The best part of my experience was being there at all. Choosing a treatment center had been a long time coming, but it was so much to prepare for. I was never your typical addict, somehow still managing to juggle my mom duties on top of everything else.

This meant I wasn’t as willing as others to escape my life to get treatment because it felt like I was abandoning my family. This wasn’t the case, and the Village made me feel at home and ease.

They stripped away life’s little worries for me and gave that much-needed opportunity to focus on myself. It feels selfish and jarring at first, but over time I realized it was what needed to happen.

Yoga and meditation really helped me reconnect with my body while the spa services made me appreciate myself again. I enjoyed getting the chance to find out who I am without life’s stresses weighing down on me. Turns out the new me isn’t so bad, and I’d like to keep her.



Finding a treatment center that focused solely on women is what changed everything for me. I’d been in treatment too many times, but this time gave me chances I’d never had before. We really dug into the meat of it all and why I do what I do.

I now understand so much about my thought process when it comes to addiction and what feelings I really have. This helped me manage all the changes I needed to make in my life to get better, and I finally started doing it.

They really understand what a woman needs to start feeling human again and it was a blessing to get to be able to experience it. It worked well for me.


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