Massage Options

Despite what many people think there is more to the recovery process than teaching someone how to abstain from drugs. It involves a lot of self-care and relearning how to love oneself. That is where massage therapy can come in.

Drugs and alcohol are what our clients are using to help numb the pain of their lives and experiences, and it was unhealthy and traumatic. As they start to relearn their bodies and rediscover who they are it can be jarring to see how disconnected and unhappy they are. It can be a negative reminder that pushes them toward drugs and alcohol again.

Clients may have exercised very little or have pain they can’t explain. Massage therapy is a great way to help clients get to know their bodies in a positive and pain-free way. This improves their emotional healing as well and can direct their attention to more important processes in the recovery instead of focusing on their bodies.

There are many benefits to using massage therapy when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction treatment. These benefits do include:

–    Better sleep habits

–    Enhanced relaxation

–    Greater flexibility

–    Headache relief

–    Improved digestive health

–    Improved posture and circulation

–    Reduced anxiety

–    Reduced blood pressure

–    Reduced pain levels

–    Strengthened immune system

Different massage therapies that we use include:


Reiki is not the usual image of massage where you put pressure on points of the body. Instead, it is more about the energy that is given and received. Hands are gently laid on a body or hover over it to help spread positive healing energy. This is meant to focus on the clients’ chakra and energy systems. It is meant to help open blocks of the emotional kind and help clients evolve.


This is when pressure is applied to one part of the body to help other body parts or organs. This can involve points on the hands and feet. It is meant to help stress and neuropathy issues that can arise from drug or alcohol use.

Some charts can help specially trained specialists find where to put pressure to help different parts of the body.

Raindrop Therapy

Essential oils are used on the back in certain places to help give relief to back or spine problems. It is meant to help fix balance and bring harmony back to a clients body.

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