Features Of Treatment For Drug And Alcohol Abuse Among Women

Drug abuse treatment that is focused entirely on women is very important. This is because women have unique sets of needs when it comes to treatment. It is all too common for women who are drug or alcohol addicts also to have been sexually abused or have some sort of trauma.

There is research to back up the claim that women start abusing substances after a traumatic situation, up to 7 percent of women actually.

When it comes to completing treatment women are actually less likely to follow through and finish than men. At our center, we find it essential to make a woman feel safe, welcome and nurtured. That way they can put all their energy into their recovery and healing.

Having the right staff is also very important for a woman’s recovery. They need to be understanding and compassionate. Women need to be able to connect and feel cared for.

Why Rehab For Women Should Be Different

When it comes to treatment for women specifically, there are different needs which need to be met. These can include women suffering from eating disorders, motherhood, and life fulfillment issues and emotions.

It is also well known that women get addicted far more quickly than men do. They also don’t seek treatment as often and are less likely to get help. This is because they tend to make their addiction work while also still having to take care of their families. If they don’t have any way to get childcare, they may feel that treatment is out of the question.

When women have children and no one else to turn to they are afraid to get help. They don’t want their children to get taken away from them even if they can’t take care of them currently. If there isn’t the right support for them, then they may leave treatment early to get back to their children as soon as possible.

The right kind of treatment for women focuses on making sure the woman’s self-esteem is built up and giving them enough self-confidence to move forward. Women-centered treatment means that women’s problems can be directly addressed and understood in group therapy.

Individual issues are not talked about in coed treatment. This is a great way to make sure their needs are met.  Women in the center can bond closer than in a coed environment. That’s because the community can foster understanding and compassion along with talking about women’s issues and forming friendships.

Addiction Treatment For Women

Sometimes the treatment for women can help them have their first healthy relationships with other women. A friendship between women is a vital and necessary thing, and it can help along the recovery process quite significantly.

These friendships and closeness can also help them develop their own skills. These skills would include being better able to listen and feel empathy along with sharing any negative thoughts. This helps them feel comfortable talking about their feelings before they become a problem.

Being able to express oneself and feel safe doing it can be the difference between whether or not the recovery is strong. A woman needs the opportunity to define herself and set her own goals and be able to discuss them.

Our treatments tackle both drug addiction and alcohol addiction. Women are about as likely to find themselves addicted to a substance as men, but for them, it happens much quicker. Treatment involves detoxification or cleansing the body of the substance so that that correct rehab can start.

Once detoxed, we set up a prime treatment plan based on what the women want and the best ways for them to succeed. We also offer select spa style services because it is crucial for women to feel secure and pampered throughout the process.

At our center we also offer:

–    Family therapy

–    Group therapy

–    Aftercare program

–    Relapse prevention

–    Trauma therapy

–    Domestic violence therapy

–    Eating and body image therapy

–    Healthy relationships education

–    Codependent behavior education

Give us a call today and set up your treatment. Don’t wait until it’s too late. We understand that women have special needs and we are the center to help treat them.

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