About Village

We are a Female Recovery Spa and Relax Village located in beautiful and peaceful Bellevue, Washington. We specialize in both drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Women require certain unique standards to help with their treatment, and we aim to provide those treatments. Along with a spa we also have massage services and other amenities. These include hiking, yoga, meditation, and state of the art cuisine.

At the Female Recovery Spa and Relax Village, the needs of the woman come first. There is a whole need for better care that is focused on women specifically, and that is what we are trying to provide for.

Women need to feel at one with their bodies and peace within. It can be hard for them to feel connected to a sense of self and being especially when drug addiction so easily ravages the body. That is why we focus on mind, body, and spirit when it comes to recovery.

Come by today and see if we have the right treatment for you. All women are welcome to experience our services and get the help they need. Addiction is isolating and difficult to handle, and we know it, so stop by today.

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