Female Recovery Spa and Relax Village

Located in beautiful and peaceful Bellevue, Washington. We specialize in both drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Why Choose us?

At the Female Recovery Spa and Relax Village for drug and alcohol addiction treatment, we have a variety of services available. Recovery is one of the most challenging processes any person who is addicted can go through, especially for women.


Women can have a lot on their plate and addiction can isolate them further from family, friends, and community.


Typically when people think of drug and alcohol addiction treatment, they think of stark white hallways with fluorescent lights, cold and impersonal.

Body Treatments

Our spa services do more than just make a woman feel pampered. Sometimes women need a distraction from all the problems they face and the struggles they experience.

What We Do?

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment are obviously at the forefront of our goals and experiences for women. Overall though, we want to make that treatment comfortable and satisfying. We have a lovely and stylish facility meant to welcome you.

Recovery Spa and Relax Village

At the Female Recovery Spa and Relax Village, the needs of the woman come first. There is a whole need for better care that is focused on women specifically, and that is what we are trying to provide for.


Once the initial detoxification process is over with, and much of the withdrawal symptoms have lessened we have a more typical day for clients.

Our Staff

We find that not everyone needs the same treatment and that customizing and being flexible is the most important thing. Recovery depends on that flexibility.

What People Say's​

The best part of my experience was being there at all. Choosing a treatment center had been a long time coming, but it was so much to prepare for. I was never your typical addict, somehow still managing to juggle my mom duties on top of everything else.
Finding a treatment center that focused solely on women is what changed everything for me. I’d been in treatment too many times, but this time gave me chances I’d never had before. We really dug into the meat of it all and why I do what I do.